'The Divorcee Sale' Debate

Yesterday I stumbled across the promotion, through Refinery 29 of all places, for The Divorcee Sale happening this weekend in NYC.

Described as a bi-annual shopping event where divorcees can shed their past wares and also described as a place to rid themselves of memories of their failed marriages, The Divorcee Sale is pretty awesome because you can get some amazing wares and it benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

But I gotta say...seriously?!  I know it's probably a really fun way of making lemonade out of lemons for these lovely ladies.  But come on.  I guess I found it a bit unsettling that divorce can be celebrated in a way so much so that you can throw bi-annual sales for women to purge themselves of the goods from their former lives.

I do get it.  And I don't.  What do you guys think?  Cool idea?  Or a bit over the top?