Oh hello, Kitty...

I remember being super upset when the Hello Kitty store at our local mall closed when I was a child.  Where was I going to get my totally useless pencil kits and eraser sets?  To this day, my 'thing' is to always have Hello Kitty band aids in my purse.  And yes, when the electrician at my old apartment cut his finger, I totally got him to wear one. I'm not obsessed.  I mean, all I've really got are the bandaids...my room isn't a shrine or anything...I don't have a single stuffed animal (and don't want one, please note).  But Hello Kitty is back and in a way that I would totally love to be getting in on.

They may seem like a bit of an odd couple but Hello Kitty has teamed up with Liberty of London to create an adorable breed of the famous Liberty fabrics.  Yay!

Not a clue what I would do with it but adorable :)