Wall decals to the rescue!

I have officially been in my apartment for a week now but have had very little time to actually do my room up so it is a creative and cozy place for me to be...(except for my lovely mummy and her friend Sharon doing a whole lot of excellent rearranging for me). The walls in my room are a horrible naked white and from the looks of things, actually putting  nail into the wall may cause a lot more trouble and hassle than it is worth.  While I wait for my artwork to get here from London (it is taking for-bloody-ever) and knowing that some of it may have to do that cool 'oh, I am just leaning up here against the wall, no big deal, it's where I want to be' thing, I'm staring down a huge off-white tunnel of depression and something needs to be done.


I have always loved a good bit of decal wall art and this room is the perfect chance for me to flex those muscles a bit and get around the fact that I can't hammer a bunch of holes into the walls.  The one I am most excited about is a decal headboard.  Too cute.  But here are some of my favs!

I'll share some pictures of my room when I feel it is finally in presentable form but let me know what you all think of the decals!  Do you have any?  I wanna see!  :)