Karl Lagerfeld for Macy*s. Meh.

It pained me to even type the title for this post.  Don't be upset with me, Uncle Karl.  Because you kinda strike me as the kind of person that holds a grudge. I love Karl Lagerfeld.  And I adore what he does at Chanel.  So when I heard about his collection with Macy*s (what is up with the star for an apostrophe?!  Sorry, Macy*s, I love you too) I couldn't wait to see it.  As the ads started showing up online and in the magazines, though, I found myself a bit deflated.  Surely, if logic was at work here, they would use the best pieces from the collection in the previews and promotions, right?

So now the whole collection is out, and there are a couple of cool pieces here and there, nothing I think I would particularly wear, but I still feel like I have no choice but to review it as 'meh'.  How sad!  I mean, it just looks dated and done before...and as much as I like to look at pictures of the man himself, not crazy about it being emblazoned on every bit of jersey possible.

I've chosen a few pieces that I am kinda into but really wouldn't go running out to spend my money on:

What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?