Don't be mad at me!

Right, so in the last few days I have: 1. Moved back to the States from London (yes, it was very tearful at the airport)

2. Attempted to get all my ducks in a row now that I am permanent on this side of the ocean (namely getting a cell phone!)

3. Starting orientation for my course at Parsons which starts next week!

Now, I haven't left myself much time to get anything done and I know that I haven't been as good as I want to be keeping you up-to-date on Thrill of the Chaise but I promise that I will be back to normal in the next few days once the dust settles a bit.

All this back to school stuff has me a bit's been 6 years since I graduated college (and my mother so kindly reminded me that it has been ten years since I started college) so I am not even sure where to start...but I do know that I need a cool bag to carry my computer, notebooks and other such fun stuff, while also acting as a purse, so any suggestions on where to look or if you have seen anything good?  :)

Also, I have two words for you all: TRAPPER KEEPER.