Kate Moss & her gorgeous wedding pictures

I'm not terribly vocal about Kate Moss because, to be honest, I could really take her or leave her.  She has excellent style which I would sometimes mirror and obviously has had one of the greatest careers in fashion but I've never really felt one or the other about her.  Until her wedding. There was something so easy and simple gorgeous about the whole affair that created a massive amount of respect for this shorty supermodel.  I had been expecting some sort of lavish affair, with a dress that was over the top and so trendy that it was uncool almost as soon as she put it on.  I was totally wrong.

And the new pictures of the stunning day have now made their way to Vogue and I am even more in awe now than I was when the first pictures emerged.  Described as The Great Gatsby meeting Rock & Roll, all I can say is 'wow'.  She and all around her are BEYOND cool.

And swoon.