Bingo & Burgers

You heard right.  Bingo.  I love bingo  :) When I first mentioned to my friends sometime last year that I would very much like to go try bingo at one of the completely dodgy looking bingo halls in London, I am reasonably sure they thought I was joking.  However, I was not.  It's my kind of gambling.  Cheap drinks, old ladies and a whole lot of sass.  Those bitches are SERIOUS.  (See below)

Now my friends actually do enjoy going with me to bingo every now and then.  I won £60 once.  And nothing since.  But that little glimmer of hope is what keeps me going back and I assume what keeps these kinds of places in business.

It had been a while, so my friend and I grabbed our 'lucky' dabber pens and headed to the hall, where we won no money whatsoever but did some excellent people watching.

We then decided to reward our unluckiness by getting burgers at the nearby Hache in Camden.  I went for a classic cheeseburger and she hit up a veggie version.  Extra perk: new brioche rolls.  I opted to attack with a knife and fork and was somehow able to manage it without making a mess of the situation.  Big yum.

I am going back again this week.  Everyone send me some good vibes...momma needs a new pair of shoes!