'I'm sorry'. Also known as 'Turns out I hate packing'.

I feel as though I need to apologise...Thrill of the Chaise has been rather quiet the last couple weeks and it isn't at all that I want it to be, but it is slowly becoming apparent that two weeks from today, I will be moving my whole life back to the States.  And it is turning out to be a much bigger undertaking than I first thought.  So I am sorry. Truth is, I've got a lot of 'stuff'.  And between working, saying goodbye to all my loves in London, sorting out of my new life in NYC, having a crying fit here and there, packing becomes a real challenge.  I have just arrived home this morning to this outside my door...

I have to figure out how to pack my life into this without going over the weight limit.  Yeah, right...  :)

So just wanted to say I am going to work harder at making sure that things are not so quiet here and thank you for being so patient with me!  OH MY GOSH!  I MOVE IN TWO WEEKS!