Vintage at Southbank: Food

One of the best features of the Vintage at Southbank festival was the food village.  Of course I would say that.  But they had everything!  Fresh seafood...crepes...jerk chicken...greek wraps...the list is endless.  What I HAD to try was Annie Mae's Mac & Cheese.  What whaaaaa?  That's right.  Mac & Cheese with options of different toppings.  I went for the 'Kanye Western' which had a topping of hot dog, BBQ sauce and fresh chives (I opted out of the BBQ sauce).  It.  Was.  Awesome.  Word on the street is that the specialise in classics from the deep South.  I would like to sample it all...they are a travelling act so keep an eye on them!

I followed this delicious dish up with a visit to On Cafe which I was originally drawn to because of the plethora of amazing looking (and named) macrons, which included Black Sesame, Jasmine and Peach flavours.  What kept me at the booth was their delicious looking ice cream.  And when I learned you could get ice cream with a macron on top, I wasn't about to go anywhere.  So I chose vanilla ice cream with a coffee & charcoal macron.  Part of me doesn't even want to talk about the macron because I know I can't immediately have another one.  But jeez was it amazing.

On Cafe also appears to have a cooking school.  So go learn how to make these for me!  Many thanks.

Any of you ever had an interesting flavor macron?  Tell me.  Let me live vicariously  :)