Vintage at Southbank: Art

At this year's Vintage at Southbank festival, one of my favourite parts was the Bad Art Salon.  Paintings were submitted and accepted to be voted on as part a fantastic gallery of pieces.  There was one in particular of Princess Beatrice from the Royal Wedding that made me giggle.  There was something so gorgeously British about artists putting up their works to be voted on who the worst is  :) As part of the Bad Art Salon, students of Pop Goes the Easel art school were on hand creating free 'poor-traits'.  With the option to give a donation to the starving artists gotta give them a bit of love, haha.  So, of course, I got my portrait done.  And I think it is brilliant!  She really captured my huge, blue, wonky eyes and my rosy cheeks...not to mention the red lippy I was rocking.

I also went and got a temporary tattoo.  I apologize for such an awful picture.  It's all blurry and just so we're all clear, that is my forearm.  I've always wanted a tattoo but am scared of my mother's reaction, so I thought it would be perfect to get 'mum' put in the middle for her.  LOVE YOU, MOMMA.  And before you have a hissy fit, it's almost completely washed off now, calm down.

There were a couple quite cool vendors who were displaying their wares, as well, that I felt needed some attention.  Starting with East End Prints.

Those are just a few of the Vintage by Hemingway prints that were featured by East End Prints.  You need to check out their website to see all the others that they have.  So.  Freakin'.  Cute.

Another company that caught my eye was Vic Lee which specialising in prints focused on London.  Which obviously means more to me now that I am leaving my beloved city.  So if you want to buy me one...the Upper Street print has a flat I lived in for 2 years on it.  Oh memories...  :)

(I wasn't able to get any images of Vic Lee's prints to get up on here so I demand you check out the website.  If you live in North, South, East or West London...there is something there that will tug at your heartstrings.)