Vintage at Southbank

My review of the Vintage at Southbank festival that ran from Friday through Sunday this past weekend is that it needs to be a permanent fixture  :)  Yeah...I loved it.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the press preview of the event on Friday and was welcomed by smiling faces and a world of exciting events and exhibitions.  My day began with a short talk by Wayne Hemingway who, in partnership with his lovely wife, are the brains behind the whole event.  As part of the Festival of Britain celebration, in collaboration with Mastercard, Wayne proved that this really was a celebration of the country I have grown to love so much.  While describing his excitement in the takeover of the Southbank and involving all possible aspects of vintage, these are a couple of quotes that have stuck with me:

'Being able to do Vintage here warms the cockles of my heart'.

'If you find a better vintage market, I'll show my bare ass in Woolworth's window'.

I thought it would be best, instead of writing one massive post about Vintage at Southbank, to break it down into the different parts that I experienced through the day, which included fashion, music, food and art.  There are so many different people to highlight in each of these sections that deserve a big shout, so I want to make sure they get it.

I am not sure yet if any decision has been made about how the Vintage festival will be set-up next year, but no matter where it is, please go see it and take part.  And if it is at Southbank, you'll have a total ball, you can't miss it!