Jemma Kidd Make-Up Schooled

Also known as 'How I Ended Up In My Pajamas With Sophia Loren Make-Up On'.

I know that I have been very quiet the past week but I promise it was for excellent reasons!  Last week, I took a course at the lovely Jemma Kidd Make-Up School in London  :)

Making it even more was all about 'glamour'.  Not drag-queeny (which, by the way, I totally love) but screen sirens of the golden age of film.  How fun!

The studios are based in Notting Hill, so it is tough to not be immediately inspired by the area.  And when you actually walk in, you're greeted by a gorgeous open space decorated in the Jemma Kidd colours of black and fuschia.  Everyone who works there is crazy nice, too.  It's all smiles and support, which is much needed because, to be honest, this can be a bit nerve-wracking at first.  I am all well and good putting on my own make-up (I think...I hope...) but I tend to just slap it on and hope for the best.  Very much a 'well, I think I got there in the end, but if you asked me how I did it, I would have no idea' style of doing things.

These classes are about technique.  They are about becoming an artist.  And it is a lot of fun but to be taken seriously, as well.  It was a three-day course, taught by the incredible Danielle Murphy, and the days were broken down into different looks.

Day One was going over the looks and styles of different icons in the 'glamour' arena, creating a perfect sculpted Hollywood face, and the all important red lip.

Day Two was focused on a very 1960s look, channelling Twiggy, figuring out how to create the perfect brow and understanding the importance of blending.

Day Three was attack of the 'smoky eye'.  Which is tough.  Real tough.  So taking a class and figuring out how to do it properly (though practice will continue to make perfect) was great.

And at the end of the third day, it was up to each of us to recreate the look of a chosen icon.  In our class, we had Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Anna Karina (of course I picked her) and Sophia Loren.  Oh yes, that's right, you do make-up on EACH OTHER.  Days start with a demo and then you have partners who you practice on and with.  Scary at first, yes, but it's so supportive, everyone is in the same boat, it becomes quite a lot of fun.

There are Professional and Non-Professional classes.  And so many to choose from!  Get in touch with Siobhan ( to discuss options and ask any questions you have.  It's a great experience and you do walk away with a lot of knowledge, so check them out.

Bonus: You get a bag of goodies when you complete the course.  FUN.

Who is your glamour icon?!