Skin Secrets: Shu Uemura

(I apologise in advance for a lack of 'imagery' in this post but I think pictures of me washing my face would be gross and boring, hehe). I have been blessed with pretty decent skin (thanks to good genes) and I am incredibly grateful for it.  I admit, I went through a pretty bad patch in my teens and I just couldn't figure out the trick.  I went to the dermatologist over and over and was put on horrible creams and nothing seemed to really work.  In a very sweet attempt to be helpful and cheer me up, my mom brought me to her manicurist, who also worked with skin care as well.  After putting a horrible mask that smelled of pond water on my face, she handed me a bar of brown soap and a quite heavy moisturizer and gave me the most simple, and best, advice I could have been given.  'Wash and moisturize your face every morning and night, no excuses!'

And, hey ho, it worked!  My skin cleared up and though my whole world comes crashing down whenever I get a spot (zit, to you Americans), it  is because it almost never happens.  It really can be that simple...keep your skin clean and hydrated.

It was a couple years ago that I very randomly (and luckily) met my friend Mariam (check her out here) while she made me look probably the best I ever have for a party, doing my make-up at the Shu Uemura counter at Liberty of London.  On top of leaving with a new best friend that night, I also left with some free samples of their cleaning oil.  A week after starting to use it, my boyfriend mentioned how incredible my skin looked and he was right!  I have been using Shu's Cleansing Oil ever since.

Not to mention that it is an amazing cleanser, it also doubles as a proper make-up remover.  Amazing news to someone who is really into liquid eyeliner  :)

I would usually stay away from a cleanser that has 'instructions', but this is totally different, so listen up.  Apply the cleansing oil to a dry face and massage in.  That's right, it MUST be dry or it won't work properly.  You then rinse it with lukewarm water and you'll see the oil foam up a little bit which will help you rinsing it all off.  And that's it!

There are quite a few different types for all different kinds of skin types and needs, so get down to a counter and ask which is best for you!  You can thank me later.