Wonderful, Wonderful WAH Nails

It has been exactly a year since I finally got myself a manicure at WAH Nails in London.  Last year for my birthday, my lovely friend Claire from Giggles & Fits decided I had been doing too much talked and not enough doing when it came to getting a leopard print manicure.  And I've never looked back  :) I have tried everything from leopard print (in a variety of colour combos) to polka dots to stripes to studs, and this year for my birthday I went with 'half moons' in black and white.  The half moon trend is a throwback to the 1920-40s and it looks a bit like a reversed French manicure.

If you're looking to give yourself a nice (and fun!) little treat while you're in Londontown, head over to WAH!  They are getting pretty popular, so make sure you book an appointment and have a browse through their blog online to get an idea of what you want.  Use your imagination!

Added bonus: they have a shop in the Topshop flagship.  Everything you could want out of life, hehe.

So the big question is...what would you get???  And what should my next nail adventure be?!  :)