Splish Splash, I was taking a bath...

I love the concept of taking a bath.  A relaxing moment in time, surrounded by warm water, a bit of candle light, catching up on reading or just closing your eyes being overtaken by a sense of calm.

In reality, I get bored really quickly, overheat too rapidly to be able to feel relaxed and never seem to be long enough to comfortably sit up in the tub.

That being said, I have been trying harder to take some time for me and part of this seems to be working at acquiring a proper enjoyment of relaxing bathtime.  And I thought that maybe I could share some inspiration and tips which will hopefully work for both you and for me.

- Don't take a bath unless you know you can continue to relax afterward.  Before bedtime is the best!  (Especially if you pop some lavender in the bath, it will help you drift off to a lovely slumber.)

- Make sure your bathroom is tidy before you lock yourself in it.  You'll feel much better if you're in a tidy and warm space.

-  Shut off your phone and grab a book or magazine to catch-up on.  Right now I am reading 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith.  It's fantastic!

- Invest in some lovely bath products.  My personal favs always come from Lush.  Their 'bath ballistics' are amazingly scented (and sometimes even coloured for a bit more fun!) balls that you pop into your bath and all you have to do is watch them fizz away and enjoy a gorgeous bath complete with essential oils.

- Make sure the water is a temperature that is comfortable for you.  Too hot and you won't last long in there (a lesson I am struggling to learn).

Do you have any tips or tricks for taking the most relaxing bath possible?  Tell me about it!  :)  In related news, I think I may be obsessed with footed baths...