Hello, Uniqlo. I love you.

Listen, I don't know why I have always had such resistance to Uniqlo.  Guess I never felt like the shop was particularly 'me'.  I get confused about basics and that is what Uniqlo seems to do best.  I pride myself on being slightly edgy when it comes to style and they just seem anything but.  And they kinda are anything but.  Regardless, here I am, eating my words and professing my new-found love for Uniqlo.

I want to begin this by making sure everyone knows that I am barely breaking five feet tall.  Which is a great excuse to wear ridiculous heels but a real cross to bear when looking for any sort of 'bottom'.  Jeans are the worst bastard of them all.  Even places that shout about having 'short' sizes (ahem, J. Crew) are working on a much different definition of short than I do.

While a friend was visiting this weekend, she suggested I test out Uniqlo for jeans.  And I trust her.  She knows what she is talking about when it comes to shopping.  So today, I bit the bullet and ended up falling in love with a pair of black legging jeans (and before you ask, because my momma did, they are nothing like 'pajama jeans').


Yes, there was a little bit of rage I held onto as the only length going seemed to be 33 and let's all be clear, I am as far away from a 33 as possible, but they were comfy and really reasonably priced so I thought 'what the heck' and figured I could cuff them like all my other jeans.  BUT HARK.  When I went to pay for them, the cashier let me know that I could get them altered for free...and in, get this, 15 minutes!!!  (This is slightly unsual, but even in busy periods apparently wait time is approx 45 minutes.)

So here I sit...in an incredibly comfortable pair of super soft black jeans that were made into ankle length just for me while I went to grab a take away coffee.  Thanks, Uniqlo.  Let's make out.