Gone to Shoe Heaven

So yesterday as part of my determination to give myself a lovely and relaxed birthday, I spent a reasonable amount of time wandering the legend that is the Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus.  And as if by heavy-duty magnetic force, I was drawn and then stuck to the shoe department where I had a few moments with some real stunners. Understanding fully that I should be behaving myself in the shopping arena, I'd like to get your thoughts on some of the new friends I would like to make...ya know...just because  :)

Now the website doesn't really do these sexy bitches justice...and they also don't seem to have the beige colour that I was drawn to...I am trying to make a point to put colours other than black in my wardrobe and, augh, these are just so pretty and a bit tough.  Thoughts?

Right, so these are so not like me but I am obsessed.  First of all, they are kitten heels.  Second of all, I am kinda into the lime green and black combo.  Finally, STUDS.  What do you think?  Too kooky?  Or just kooky enough?  Which colour do you like best?

These are above and beyond shoes of any good sense.  But I love them.  There is something so tough about them but I bet they look like a million bucks when you get them on.  Peeking out from under a maxi dress maybe.  Or contrasting a flowery skirt.  Too much?  Just enough?

(* Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.  I think my Blackberry is on its last legs.)