Rainy London Days...

I am finally back on England's soggy soil and though I had prepared a post on how to deal fashionably with hot weather, after a day being caught out in the chilly rain, I thought one on staying dry may be more appropriate  :) This video represents how I felt today.  However, I was stuck out in a kimono.


I would like to add that I have lived in London for 6 years and have thus far refused to get an umbrella.  I find them annoying to carry around and at my miniature height, am always worried I am hitting people in the face and potentially poking someone's eye out.  Which is really not something I can handle having on my conscience, as I am sure you can understand.  I feel like the time has come, however, and I need to grow up and start thinking about how poorly I pull of the 'I just got caught in the rain' look.  Thanks for listening.