Wear glasses? You NEED Warby Parker.

And I need your opinion! I have been on the hunt for a great pair of glasses for some time now.  My lenses have been made (special order for my awful vision) but I have been searching for a great pair of frames that are not only cool but will last me as long as possible.  So just a week before I leave to fly back to London, Kirsten from one of my favourite blogs, Triple Max Tons, put up a picture of her wearing her glasses and she very kindly gave me all the deets on where to find them.  And I have now fallen in love.

Warby Parker is incredible.  Not only is their service second to none but the idea behind the company is brilliant!  All vintage-inspired, Warby Parker has a fantastic selection and they help you to find the PERFECT pair of specs for you.  When you look at each of the styles, they give pictures of them being worn by models, explain the thought process behind each style and suggest the face shapes that the frames tend to suit best.

Not only that, you get to try before you buy in the most amazing way! You can first upload a picture of yourself and you can superimpose the different frames and colours on top which gives you a pretty decent idea of what will work and what won't as practically as possible.  From there, you can take part in the 'Home Try-On' which is the icing on the cake.  You can choose up to 5 different frames to be sent out asap completely free of charge (they even take care of shipping and returns) to keep for up to 5 days.  Put them up on Facebook or Twitter and their staff will even check them out to give you their thoughts.  HOW FUN!  :)

If you choose less than 5 pairs to try, Warby Parker will send along extras to make sure you have a variety to try on, that they have carefully selected judging by what you have chosen yourself.  Their customer service just continues to be brilliant and fantastically attentive.  I gave them a call to see if I would be able to get myself a pair of frames before I headed back to London and they couldn't have been more helpful.  My glasses were here in 2 days and I was sent emails along the way being nothing but helpful and keeping me up on the progress of my order.

So here comes the fun part...which ones do you think I should keep?!  (Slight variations, but variations none the less...)

A huge thanks to Triple Max Tons and Warby Parker for such a wonderful experience.  I want to smooch all of you.  In a totally not creepy way.