Sugar Hoot: A Cupcake Review

I stumbled across Sugar Hoot while out to dinner in New Milford, Connecticut a few nights ago and far be it from me to deny myself sampling cupcakes.  The place looks adorable and their branding is totally precious.  When you actually get into the shop, there is not as much of an atmosphere as you would like but most of the space is taken up by an open kitchen.  But maybe that's because what is at the heart of Sugar Hoot is the actual baking.

So my parents and I decided to have a lovely night in to sample and review a choice (my) selection of cupcakes.

Chocolate with Red Wine - Dense and dark.  If you love chocolate, you'll flip over this one.  So chocolately though (that's a word, right?  well, it is in my dictionary) that it seem to overtake any other flavours that might be trying to have a bit of a moment on their own, no matter how brief.

Carrot Cake - My father's favourite cake is of the carrot variety which is why I made sure to snap this puppy up as soon as I saw it.  He was full of numerous repeat statements of 'wonderful'.  Momma made a lot of 'yummmmm' noises.  And I have to say, as far as the cakes go, this one was my favourite.  Complete with cream cheese frosting, which I feel any carrot cake is naked without.

Chocolate Raspberry - The overall winner of this evening's contest!  The combination of flavours was simple but different.  The cake itself was lighter than the previous chocolate cake and the frosting cut through the richness.  A must try.

Verdict: Sugar Hoot is about the cakes, not the shop.  But the cakes really hold their own.  The cake is gorgeous and all the frostings are so light that they lift each of the cupcakes to be a real treat, instead of a bit of a battle (which, to me, some heavy desserts can be).  Yum from me.  Though, to be fair, I can't remember a cupcake I've found to have much of an issue with...

What are your favourite cupcake flavours?!  Ever tried any crazy combos?  :)