Welcome to the World of Bobby Dazzler!

These dolls are a bit like Marmite...you either love them or hate them.  Rather, you either love them or think they are creepy.  Well I say, get over yourself, they're hysterical.  I think part of their charm is that they are a little creepy, so that's that.  I stumbled across Bobby Dazzler while reading an interview of 'favourite things' by an interior designer in a British magazine.  She said these were some of the best gifts she has ever given and I, now having ordered 8 in total, completely agree. Hand-made in East London, these dolls each have their own story and can be custom-made to fit whoever it is you are gifting these to (or keeping for yourself, haha).   As well as having the happy couple from a wedding I was in last year made as their gift, I have had them made of my whole family, one of my best friends and my brother's dog.

If you're looking for something unique, humourous and a bit quirky to give as a gift, I would totally recommend this!  The dolls take about 3 weeks to make (sometimes longer during busy periods, like Christmas) and must be sent with a good picture or pictures of the individual, as well as a personality description.  Contact Rosie at Bobby Dazzler and ask about the custom-made dolls.