In God We Trust's Sweet Nothings

When I found myself in the lovely shop Bell Jar when I was in San Francisco (as written about here), I discovered In God We Trust.  I made a strict mental note to get myself home and look them up immediately but, of course, totally forgot to do so while probably trying to think about my next meal  :) So I went all giddy when my lovely friend Sarah reminded me about them when she posted about it on her blog, Lil Hoot.  EXCITING.  Then, as luck had it, Refinery 29 Reserves were offering a lovely little offer on the could I resist?!

I could bang on and on about the necklaces but Sarah has a super adorable story to accompany them, so please read it here.  But in a nutshell, In God We Trust's Sweet Nothings necklaces are precious little gold hearts that, when you look closely, have hand engraved sassy, and wholly inappropriate, sayings.

I went to visit their little shop in Soho and it was tiny but great.  They have clothing, great accessories and a lovely chick there to help who I actually loved having a chat with (I'm very used to the English sensibility of 'if they want help, they'll come ask, no biggie').  What did I settle on, you ask?  Well, 'Sweet Tits'.  Obviously.  And 'Bless This Mess'.  For when I need a bit of extra encouragement.

They don't just do necklaces though, so make sure to check out the rest of their stock and get into one of their NYC shops or Bell Jar to see more!  Which one would you choose?