No.7: The Coolest Deli in Town

When I was in NYC the other day, I met up with a lovely friend of mine who gave me three options on where we could go for a quick but yummy and affordable lunch.  And as it turns out, I got the answer right!  We made our way to No. 7 Sub at Ace Hotel, a total hipster of a hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

It's around the back of the main entrance to the hotel, quite unsuspecting with a tiny shop-front and counter to order and wait for your sandwiches.  There was a bit of a wait (not too bad, it was lunchtime at a deli for cool kids) but that was fine because the choices, though only ten at the most, need time to be read through and understood.  These aren't straight-forward sandwiches, and they shouldn't be at $9 a pop, but it quickly becomes obvious that picking one without spending your entire wait time wondering if you've made the wrong decision.

Well, I got it right.  After reminding myself that I hate cilantro, which knocked the asparagus and Granny Smith apple option out of contention, I decided on bologna with parsnip mole, ricotta and pumpkin seeds.  It was, very simply, AWESOME.  The bread was fresh, the ingredients were unusual but delightful.  So good.  So freakin' good.  And my friend's review of the General Tso's Tofu sounded very much the same as mine.

The sandwiches are massive, too, which means that your money has potential to go a long way.  I was only able to get through half of mine and had it not been 95 degrees plus outside, I probably would have put that puppy in my purse for dinner on the run later on.

If you're in Midtown and looking for a nice bite on the run, or the perfect sandwich to take to the park for some relaxation and always excellent people watching, hit up No. 7 Sub.