When Harry Met Sally :)

Growing up about an hour from NYC, I was lucky to be able to really enjoy all the city had to offer from a young age.  This includes, as mentioned in the previous post, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There is one part of the museum that I remember finding myself in when I was quite small and fell immediately in love.  The Temple of Dendur.  There was something about weaving your way through all the Egyptian artifacts and stumbling through a door that opened into this huge, airy, bright temple...to this day, whenever I find myself at the Met, I have to make sure to make a stop there and just sit and relax and find a moment of pure calm.

Of course, it wasn't until later in life that I found myself in love with the film 'When Harry Met Sally'  :)  And I was reminded yesterday as I sat in the Temple that one of the best scenes of the film was shot in that exact room.  So I wanted to just give a little shout out to a great moment in cinematic history.