The Perfect Storm...

Or at least the scariest storm I've ever found myself in the middle of. After having been in NYC the other day, I was very excited about catching up on Thrill of the Chaise yesterday!  With so many fun things to talk about, after my parents hopped in the car to go away for the weekend, I sat myself down in the afternoon and got to work...then as if out of nowhere, the sky went very dark, the wind started kicking up and BOOM.  Power cuts out and I spend two hours watching the worst storm I have ever seen.

To set this up, we have been having the heat wave to end all heatwaves.  Mid to high 90s.  Grossly humid.  But sunny, so there should be no complaining  :)  But within minutes, it went very dark, the thunder started to boom, the lightening was making everything crackle and then the rain started and continued to heavily you could barely see out the window.  When you COULD catch a view, it was of branches flying everywhere, the bench and chairs in the backyard being completely rearranged and then, most bizarrely, the HAIL. 


When the storm finally subsided enough that it seemed safe to open the door, I took a ride up the street to see if anyone had power and was quickly stopped by downed trees and power lines.  So I turned around and was confronted with the same at the other end of the street.  Within an hour, however, our incredible town crew (a bunch of guys who just plain old love this town and keep it running even through the worst) had cleared the road enough for me to make my way up to our family friend's house (who have a separate shelter for their generator, very wise investment) where I spent the night drinking wine and eating ice cream  :)

It is a devastating state of affairs...I have never seen more trees, almost every home has at least one huge tree laying on its side.  I have driven by homes that have trees laying over top of them and trees that I know from growing up that are now split in half or uprooted.  I wanted to share a picture of the tree below.  You may or may not be familiar with 'Husband and Wife' trees, but you see them in front of old homes, especially here in Connecticut.  All  now huge, imposing maples who stand side by side and were planted when the houses were built.  These are two at the top of my street and it was devastating to drive past and see that one had not been able to win the fight after hundreds of years of standing strongly next to its partner.

Now, we are told it could take several days for power to be restored and that the crew is still working hard to get all the roads open in town.  You know it's bad when the guys work through the night in a town it takes 5 minutes to drive across and still at noon the next day, there are 4 roads that are shut...but I have found a 'safe blogging haven' and will be updating as much as I can!

Hope everyone out there is safe and sound!