Cake & Shake in NYC

Seeing the most adorable food van outside the Met in NYC called 'Cake & Shake' is enough to delight me to my very core.  Seeing this beacon of hope and ice cream on one of the hottest days of the year is just heaven  :) Sitting in front of the Metropolitain Museum of Art (this really is turning out to be a one-stop shop!) is a baby blue, delightfully decorated van offering up some of the most delightful sweet and savoury treats you will ever come across. 

They have sweet cupcakes including Vanilla Moon (yellow cake with Tahitian vanilla frosting), Yummy Nut (peanut butter cake with fig mousse and candied walnut cream cheese frosting) and Hot Tottie (almond cake, butterscotch mousse and toffee frosting).

The have savoury cupcakes including Toad in the Hole (buttermilk biscuit cake with beef sausage in the middle) and Cini (crispy risotto cake with smoked turkey, peas, mozzarella and parmesan cheese).

And they have a shake list including classic vanilla and chocolate, as well as white peach, mango and, the one that I couldn't resist, salted caramel.  Oh yesss.  It was glorious.

It's cute, simple and super friendly.  I precious little oasis in the form of a baby blue van  :)