I heart Guerilla Burgers.

It has come to my attention that I haven't been talking about burgers half as much as I should be.  Though I am not yet back in London, the best of the 'Burger Seasons' has begun and it would be against my best judgement if I didn't give a delicious shout out to what I consider to be the best burger joint in town, Guerilla Burgers.

All I needed to hear when reading a little review in a magazine on a few new London restaurants was 'burgers and margaritas'.  Shut up.  If I could get away with eating and drinking one thing for the rest of my life without being accused of being a fat drunk would be burgers and margaritas.  And the first time I made my way into the quirky cool doors of Guerilla Burgers, I totally fell in love.

The music is great (but loud, get over it).  The servers are so friendly you forget at times that they aren't actually old friends of yours.  The atmosphere is chilled out.  And the food and drinks...ohhhhh the food and drinks  :)  There is an amazing list of burgers which you can choose either beef, turkey or chicken burgers, as well as some vegetarian options that could change a carnivore in a hot minute.  My personal fav?  Cheddar BLT Burger with sweet potato fries and MARGARITA JUG.  And if you're feeling saucy?  There is a brownie sundae situation that is nothing to turn your nose up at...

And they don't just do burgers, so those of you who have a different taste, there are hot dogs, fish tacos and great salads.  Listen, just get down there and have a great night out.  If it's a date or a big group of friends, you're going to have a great time, I promise.