Polish or Perish? I choose Polish.

One of my friends very kindly introduced me to Polish or Perish recently and I spent probably a lot more time in one sitting reading it than is probably healthy.  I love it when you come across things that you didn't realise you were missing in your life until it's put right in front of you  :)

Polish or Perish is a celebration of colour, manicure experiments and just plain fun!  Nail trends are so underrated.  Talk about a certain jacket that is in style for the season, or a shoe shape that seems to end up defining cool to fashionistas for any given amount of time...but does anyone remember the 'black nail polish' phenomenon that happened a few years ago?  From young Hollywood to my mom (ok, not my mom, she hates it), what had previously been something reserved for the Goths is now mainstream fashion!

Am I getting too excited about this?  Maybe...and most probably.  But this blog will showcase great colours, treatments and styles before you run out and spend your money.  Now I can go out and know what I am looking for, instead of being drawn to a nail polish colour and coming home to realise it looks almost identical to the last 3 I purchased.  Not that it ever happens to me...(all the freakin' time).