Ofrenda: Glorious Mexican Food in NYC

On a recent visit to NYC, my Cali friend and I decided that since I did not get to sample any Mexican food on my visit out there last month, we should give it a go on the East Coast.  Through a very random online search, we stumbled across Ofrenda and what a happy chance meeting it was  :)

Right in the West Village, Ofrenda offers not only amazing food and some of the friendliest service I've had on this side of the pond, but also fantastic people watching and an even better margarita.  So let's start with that.  A mango margarita on the rocks.  You will never have anything more refreshing and delicious.  The fresh guacamole to start was delish and the waitress very kindly brought us more tortilla chips when she saw we may be running a bit low (we're greedy, whatever).

For a main, I tucked into scallops with a sweet potato puree and asparagus.  The only way I can review it is by telling you this...while everyone else around the table was being nice and letting each other sample the food, I spent the main course with my head down focusing on nothing but the world that my scallops and I existed in...and the mango margarita, of course.

We opted to skip dessert (weird for us, I know) but I could have stayed there all night.  The front of the restaurant was completely open to the street, the cocktails were out of this world and the food...oh man.  So if you're in NYC and looking for a nice, casual dinner and don't mind a bit of tequila, make sure to check out Ofrenda.  STAMP OF APPROVAL.