New Obsession: Julia Pott Illustration

Ok, ok, ok... another not so 'new' but still an obsession.  I bought my first print from Julia a couple of years ago and have been an avid collector (and gifter!) ever since! From East London, Julia mixes delicate and obviously painstaking details with whimsy and the most adorable ideas and words which come across, both figuratively and literally, in all of her work.  Some will make you laugh until you cry and others will cut right to your heart but all are beautiful.  Her work can be bought in a variety of mediums, including prints, cards and canvas bags.  Whenever I have bought an item, it always arrives in impeccable time and is accompanied with little practice sketches and sometimes even limited edition prints.

Now, I just have to come up with a really good idea so I can commission something from the lovely Julia Pott  :)