My Favourite Flower: Peony

I love peonies.  They are my absolute favourite.  There is something about how imperfect, delicate and romantically quirky these flowers are that makes me adore them. My excitement every year when I see the first peonies at the flower stand is nearly uncontrollable.  It means that the beautiful spring and summer weather has finally arrived and I can decorate my flat with them for the next few months.  Very popular in Chinese art, it is known as the flower of 'riches and honour'.  I like them because they are everything my least favourite flower, the rose, is not...messy looking with not a care in the world  :)

So check out how you can work peonies into your everyday life:

When in doubt, a peony in a bud vase is a fail-safe and gorgeous option  :)  Happy Peony Season, everyone!