Bridgewater Chocolate: The Best of the Best :)

The town I grew up in doesn't have a whole lot going on...we can't sell booze; we have a single traffic light in town (it flashes, doesn't even actually tell you to stop); our fire department is volunteer.  But we have plenty to brag about...beautiful scenery; some of the kindest and most supportive people you will ever meet; and Bridgewater Chocolate  :) Founder Erik Landegren and his wife, Patty, have created quite a 'sweet' life (get it! hehe).  Erik moved from his native Sweden to New York to open a restaurant and then moved to Bridgewater to be a personal chef for a local family.  It was from here that Bridgewater Chocolates were born.  They set-up shop in the Village Store in town and within four years, demand had grown so rapidly that the Village Store was just not enough space anymore and they had to relocate to another local town where there were industrial spaces that could hold this growing business.

The idea of Bridgewater Chocolate was to use European chocolate to re-create some American favourites, including caramel, nuts and toffee.  And boy oh boy did he get it right!  Though this may sound like an exaggeration, hand on heart, it is not.  Myself and anyone else who has ever had the pleasure of trying Bridgewater Chocolate will tell you, it is the best chocolate you will ever have.  I'm serious.  I wouldn't make a joke about something like that.  (Go on their website for pictures and descriptions of EVERYTHING they have to offer!)

What makes Bridgewater Chocolate even more special is the love and care that goes into every single handmade piece and box of chocolate.  I had the pleasure of working at Bridgewater Chocolate growing up and I have as fond memories of the people as I do of being able to sample the shop's delights  :)  There was a certain sense of achievement being a part of something so genuine and such happiness at being able to laugh right through your days at work.  Coming home smelling of toffee and chocolate ain't all that bad either...

When Erik and Patty found out I would have my newly-engaged friends visiting from England, we were invited down to the factory, where the boys were treated to the history and tour of the premises, as well as getting to pack their own boxes of chocolate!  Lucky!  It is that kind of hospitality that makes Bridgewater the town it is and makes Bridgewater Chocolate the kind of business it is.

So make sure you get online or pop into the shop and try some of this chocolate!  From gift boxes to treats for a party to even wedding favours, they do everything and they do it with a whole lotta love and care.  I'm thinking about running down there now to get a fix...  :)