Mill Street Inn. A lovely little getaway.

I had the pleasure of staying at one of my favourite little places in Newport on our visit this past week.  The Mill Street Inn is the perfect place to get a little bit of rest and relaxation.  It's friendly nor fussy, but delivers great service and adorable rooms that gives you the best of New England. This boutique hotel is a converted 19th century mill which boasts clean and comfortable accommodation with original beams and exposed brick (which I am bizarrely obsessed with, just in case any of you are planning on buying me a place to live...).

Though they have normal suites as well, I have only had the pleasure of staying in one of their townhouse suites and it takes very little to understand why.  The townhouses are split level with a sofa bed in the downstairs 'living room'.  Stairs lead you up to the master bedroom with a modern electric fireplace, the biggest bed I have ever seen in my life, a shower I didn't get want to get out of and, the best part, a lovely deck that overlooks the Newport Harbour.  SHUT UP!

So what I am trying to get at is this: You have to go to Newport.  You have to stay at Mill Street Inn.  You have to buy me a home with original beams and exposed brick.  Thank you and you're welcome.

(Make sure to ask for Siren if you decide to stay at Mill Street.  She is amazing and will really take care of you!)