Please bear with me while I over-do it.

Since this past Tuesday, which I am sure seems like a very short space of time to you, I have been entertaining some very special guests and showing them the best that New England has to offer.  (Yes, New England, we haven't really stayed put in Connecticut.)  I have been wanting to make sure to share it with you on Thrill of the Chaise, but there is too little time and too much to do! We are going into the Big Apple this evening for our last night together and then I will be back and catching everyone up more throughly on some of the most amazing things that even I have ever gotten to do.

There is something very special about being able to show people that you love where you came from and introduce them to all the people who made you the total person that you are.  No matter how bossy, high-strung or crazy you have ended up being  :)