Bitchin' Bridesmaids.

My mother just took me for a late afternoon showing of 'Bridesmaids'...a film I have been wanting to see since I forced her to watch the trailer while she was in London looking after me following my tonsil surgery (I was in a painkiller haze, I think she was rather skeptical of anything I was interested in that week). I have a whole lotta love for the cast.  They really brought their A-games and made a film that let you leave the theatre feeling a little bit better for all the laughter from the last couple of hours.  Kristin Wiig and Chris O'Dowd totally steal it.  I would make out with either of them.

Make sure to check it out if you have a bit of a dirty sense of humour and especially if you have ever found yourself as a single bridesmaid  :)  It wasn't even a knock on the duty that you have as a member of the wedding party, it actually made it look pretty fun.  Which, in my even cynical mindset, it totally is.  See below!