I heart kimonos.

And apparently I always have.  Maybe I have my best friend to blame for this (though I will never let it go that while she had the princess dress and tiara, I had to make the kimono and Burger King crown look good...)

My passion reignited about a year ago when I thought a vintage kimono was a staple missing from my wardrobe.  Some people get food cravings, I get clothing cravings.  So I was able to find one at Beyond Retro in London and it became one quite a conversation starter.  (Vodka was not included.)

Kimonos are usually floor-length, but this isn't really something I can pull off without looking crazy.  Or just plain ridiculous at 5 feet tall.  So finding one that has been very nicely tailored to be shorter can be difficult, but not impossible.  Though it's something I have always wanted to be great at, I couldn't shop vintage if my life depended on it, so if I can find it, anyone can.

Looking for a more modern version?  There are plenty of options out on the high street now!  See some options and links to where you can buy them below:

Sayounara, you sexy bitches.