The Dry Bar: My Lord and Saviour

As part of my whirlwind trip to California, I decided to make my way to LA for a whole 24 hours.  That's right people, I am THAT girl (was stupid planning on my part, I wasn't trying to make myself feel popular and in demand).  By the time I landed at LAX, I was looking a pretty hot mess and my friend was kind enough to take me to The Dry Bar on Sunset Boulevard where my whole life turned around. It may be reasonably common knowledge that I go all a-flutter when anyone brings up Daniel Hersheson's Blow Dry Bar in London.  So a-flutter, in fact, that I have started getting my hair done at their flagship salon for such a gross amount of money that I won't even mention it.  (I also don't have a pound symbol on my computer and converting into $$$ might make me sob machine-gun tears.)  Basically, you make an appointment, all styles are the same low price, you pick the one you want done to your barnet, and 30 minutes later you are all dolled-up and ready to hit the town!  Brilliant.

This is a very similar kind of place based in the States but with a bit more of a salon feel.  Instead of picking a beehive or a faux-hawk, you pick beachy waves, Southern volume or sleek and straight.  All are customised to suit each client.  I decided to go with something in between the beachy waves and volume and emerged 40 minutes later with a new lease on life for just $35!  Small price to pay for happiness  :)

There are a few locations in Cali as well as Arizona and Texas.  My biggest hope is they come out to the East Coast.  Wink wink nudge nudge.