'All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.'

A 'leisurely breakfast' reminds me that I am going about my business at my own pace, which has been both a luxury and more or less non-existant for quite some time for me.  So I was overjoyed my second morning in San Francisco when I wandered about until I was just about hungry enough and decided that Harvey's in the Castro was the place for me to remedy the situation.

It looked friendly, full of sunshine and being named after Harvey Milk, I could indulge in a little bit of history while I sipped on an iced tea and showed a Cobb Salad who was boss.  My only issue with the place was my own fault.  It was not until after I placed my beverage order that I realised they had a special drink for the day which involved fresh lemonade, peach puree and vodka.

So in closing, my happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast and if it involves a cocktail.

Check out more about the restaurant (yes, I reccomend it highly!) and it's namesake at www.harveyssf.com.