The Potential Genius of Tiffany x Lady Gaga

As most of us were glued to our TVs this weekend, some of us were focused on the game, some of us showed up for the commercials, and some of us shoveled guacamole into our mouths while waiting for the Half Time show. And I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I say I missed the first quarter to go to yoga before settling in to get into some deep thought about the commercials and to see what the Half Time show was going to deliver. 

I have to admit that the way the commercials are delivered is changing rapidly with the times. Just as the shows at Fashion Week are now shifting to sell items available in the moment, Super Bowl ads are being shared before the big day itself. And you felt the effect this year especially. There were a few that really delivered and a lot that...well, just didn't. One that I looked most forward to seeing during the game, I had already seen in the days before. Tiffany & Co. was surprising to see as not only a TV ad, but one during the Super Bowl was even more shocking. But it made sense when you looked at it in the big picture. There was a lot to say, there was an impact to be made, and it wasn't random. It was well-timed and well-delivered.

Featuring Lady Gaga, the star of the Half Time show, introducing a new line of jewelry and making a point about being a rebel and was a smart departure. And though I couldn't figure out exactly how to put it into words, Business of Fashion was able to and it's a brilliant article.

Tiffany must leave its comfort zone and move faster than it’s used to, truly embracing change rather than just showing ads about it.
— Business of Fashion

As someone who has had one foot in the door of luxury accessories for about 5 years now and most recently for a diamond company, it is a fascinating industry and one that is starting to realize that the market is changing. As I saw in the watch industry, there is a lot of hesitation. It can be a very traditional always has been...but nothing is 'traditional' anymore. 

Tiffany is an icon. But the greatest icons now how to shift with the times. We are seeing a change in gender roles, a change in sexuality and relationships, a change in what is important to us as a consumer. And this article hits the nail on the head, not just for Tiffany but for the industry as a whole. You can't just advertise the gift to buy the woman in your life and it's not all about the big diamond ring. There is huge and missed opportunity supporting the LGBTQ community, the fast-fashion mavens, offerings for men, and so on. 

And where the article gets it REALLY right is that you can't just put an ad out with Lady Gaga waxing lyrical about change and a new capsule collection. You have to reinvent and take risks. And I hope Tiffany does take lessons for their unique brand ambassador. They need to.

Unfortunately, it looks like they are falling at the first hurdle. When you visit the website today in the middle of all the incredible press about the ad, Lady Gaga and the new collection, you can barely find it on the homepage that is covered with gifts to buy your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. The small black bar at the top saying 'Lady Gaga for Tiffany. Learn More.' is very easy to miss and very secondary to all the other messaging on the site. It should be a full takeover. It should hit you in the face when you get to their site. They should be OWNING  it instead of testing it. So here's to hoping it gets better.

And here's to hoping that the HardWare silver wrap bracelet finds its way to my wrist in the future. As well as the story behind the collection being told because it's beautiful and hidden. Come on, Tiffany, take the risk.