Fall Fashion Meets Cozy Luxury.

If you know me well, you'll probably know that my favorite season is the cool-breeze and Halloween-filled Fall.  If you don't know me, hi there, welcome!

This year I have an extra level of excitement for the arrival of the impending Autumn weather, which is really kicking off today with the launch of the new website & collection for a great company I'm working with called Third Piece.  There's a lot that makes this brand incredibly special, from their hard work at 'connecting creativity' by offering events in the Northeast to giving their customers the opportunity to buy product handmade by makers in Boston ('Made By Us') or to purchase kits to make all their pieces yourself, along with a sweet tote and luxurious proprietary yarn ('Made By You').

Their products are gorgeous.  The women who run the company are damn cool and inspiring.  And there is something so motivating about disrupting the luxury market and giving the consumer the chance to make their own high-end fashion or home wares.  I can't wait to get my first pieces and maybe even try to make my own along the way.

Check out the new site and new collection here.  What's first on your shopping list?