IKEA Has Our Bad Social Media Norms Nailed

Working in social media, especially since (almost) its inception, is a fascinating and exhausting ride.  I remember Facebook when you could only log-in using a US college email address.  I remember the pinnacle of popularity was making it into the Top 8 of someone's MySpace profile. And I remember the efforts we had to go to when it came to keeping in touch with people we encountered across the world. 

Times have changed.  Our vision of the world has changed. Our sense of reality is painfully real and also painfully distorted.  The world is so incredibly small but our eyes are open to so much more.  Judgement and kindness finds us all in leaps and bounds. And it all gets to be a bit much at times. My brother has quit and rejoined Instagram so much that I can't keep track. I have moments myself of saying 'I really wish I didn't need to be on Facebook, even if it was just for a month'.  

But our world is connected in this way now. When I have a day out and don't 1. check my Instagram or 2. look at things with a 'would this look cool on Instagram?' filter, the pride I have in my behavior is beyond comprehension. And IKEA has us all pegged with a genius new commercial that speaks to our new ridiculous reality and very genuinely brings it back to their brand.

If there is one thing I've learned when it comes to social media, it's this: it is an incredible place to be inspired, but you have to always remember, it is a thoughtful curation of the world we all want to see. Reality isn't that polished, so as IKEA says 'let's relax'.