About Thrill of the Chaise

Built in a moment of some major soul searching while sat at a desk in YouTube HQ in 2011, Thrill of the Chaise went from a personal diary to a way of life for one Miss Kate Neary.  Curating her favorite things, places and discoveries, it's all just a bit of fun in hopes that it's a bit of fun for someone out in the big wide world, too.


About Kate Neary

Born and raised in likely the most idyllic situation ever, this Connecticut native has lived a life of delightfully happy 'accidents', making going off the beaten path a lifelong adventure of exploring all the paths possible.  From a childhood spent with John Oates as a babysitter (yes, Hall & Oates) and the design of her own major at Dickinson College (in Music Business, where she wrote papers on everything from The Darkness to Aphex Twin to Bruce Springsteen), then picking up everything and moving to London, England for 8 years with no plan and even less money, it's been a life made up of a million different lives and a firm belief in the motto 'I want stories to tell my grandchildren'.  Now she finds herself creating the coolest digital content she can and freelancing with some of the coolest in the business (Ruffian, Birchbox, Edelman Leather).

If some more personal information is what you're after: Kate once thought she was a natural at tap dance...she wasn't.  She got really into the Bingo scene for a while.  She would love to be a baker if it meant baking only one thing a day of her choice.  And she knows all the words to Billy Joel's opus 'We Didn't Start The Fire'.